Tips for new manual owner?

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  • Hope yall are doing well getting them juicy gainz in my Gs. Anybody got some tips for a new manual owner? just got myself the new gr86 upgraded from my 2016 frs. Previously had auto but made the jump because I’ve always wanted to drive stick I can get it rollin and moving around but I’m most definetly not proficient with it by any means yet.

  • practice makes perfect

    with GR86 the manual can handle some wild shit, so pretty much only make sure to not overspeed the engine by going too low gear too fast

  • @janoshik I appreciate that I’m actually pretty much dedicating today to fucking around in the car. Never fully learned stick last time I drove one other then now that I have this car I was like 16 in my dad’s Tacoma and the clutch was dog shit , that was like 7 years ago hahahaha

  • Just practice in a parking lot over and over from a stop. Let clutch out slowly and slowly press gas. Once you get the timing down it’s pretty easy from there. For downshifting try to practice rev matching, it is a lot easier on the engine and transmission, and will save your brakes. To rev match right before you downshift, blip the gas with clutch in, downshift and let out the clutch and catch the engine at the correct RPMS - this will take a lot more practice but it is a good skill to have and will save your brakes, engine, and transmission.

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  • @trt37beef thanks G , I think that’s about the part I’m working on because my shifting feels a but rough probably from not Rev matching and just clutching to doen shift at a lower rpm. Was in the parking lot by my house for like an hour practicing going to first and reverse.

  • @TRT37BEEF Go park on a hill and just practice coming from a stop and not stalling out on the hill, can just sit and bounce getting a feel for where your clutch is engaging and how much gas you actually need to pull.

  • @tranqlol if you stall in first on a incline in general is it bad ? I’m guessing you would still roll back no?

  • @jswole99 Even once you are super comfortable with driving manual you are going to stall every once in a while from not paying attention. But stalling on a hill is probably the most anxious place to stall. Everytime you are going to roll back a little bit further and you only have so much room behind you unless the cars back up. You definitely want to get a lot of practice when at a stop on a hill. You’ll be confident and comfortable in no time though.

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  • @trt37beef I had a feeling that was the case everyone I’ve talked to in person seems to still get nervous with people behind them on hills lol. I feel I’m picking up fairly quick though I’ve had the car for like 3 days now and I’m able to get around town to work and what not I made it all around for the day yesterday stalled like 3 times which was much better to the day before I probably stalled at least 10 times. I’m very hands on learning though so the more I do it the quicker I’ll get it like you said. I’ve been watching videos on downshifting. Because my scrub ass had been going to neutral and braking to a stop. Need to work on Rev matching because without it and the down shift I’m sure you know what happens little lock up and a yeet back before u go feels Hella choppy hahaha.

  • You can downshift without rev matching, just let the clutch out slower and it won’t be so jerky. It is just better to do it with rev matching.

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