Colonial Labs Killer Pre Workout

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  • I was referred to @Colonial-Labs by some one I trust. I placed an order for some DHB because I heard it was clean no pip. Also ordered some of the Killer Pre Workout Contains 30mg Tren base 30mg Test base and 1mg M-Tren. And All I can say is Half a ML is all it takes for the Pre workout. I have pinned 150mg TNE and sometimes even up to 50mg MENT prior to working out. Nothing compares to this pre workout blend. It was Next to impossible to lift to failure on this blend. I just kept going and going. Supersets with Drop sets. Anadrol, superdrol, Dbol none of these compare to this blend I gave a go. The DHB I can not speak on due to the length of time it takes to tell if the DHB is good. I can attest there is NO pip and susper clean. Same with the Pre workout blen no pip Maybe a little sting some minutes later when the oil makes it up the track but notning permanate. Super fast TA and Even the TD was Fast. 2 days to my door. This guy is a man of his word and does what he says he will do IMO. I am eager to try out some if the LR3 he has as well as a bunch of other products. Thanks @Colonial-Labs

  • Thank you for the review! I’m very happy to hear your results. Enjoy the gains :)

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