Keybase Link and Info (Discord Alternative)

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  • Hey guys! We’ve been working on a lot of things with the site and onboarding of sources and got a little behind on this.

    We have migrated to Keybase in lieu of Discord. This, like Discord, has both a phone and desktop client. It takes a bit of getting used to but we have full control of the data there and feel, for now, its a safer and viable alternative for those who wish to join. Once you have downloaded the app please create an account and follow this link:

    Please upload a non-default profile picture and message anyone with the an Admin role. From there you will have a small vetting process and once done they will add you to the other active server. The link above serves as a waiting room and you cannot chat there. If you have questions or issues mention me here in this thread and I’ll address it. Thank you all for making this community great!

    Wickr - Bluesec

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