Iron Anabolics unresponsive

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  • I have ordered from them before with no issues at all, but for this order, sent the payment. No confirmation email. Have sent them two emails so far but with no response, unsure what’s going on to be honest.

  • Order Number?

  • They are unresponsive with me too. I sent you an email about my order #30397 on november 15 but you still haven’t answered. My order is stuck in customs and I need a fake receipt from you which I can send to them. This is a normal procedure in Finland and everything should be fine. I have to send it to them before december 6th. The email I sent to you explains all of this but you don’t seem to read your emails so I have to explain this here. Thank you in advance.

  • And just to be clear, by fake receipt I mean receipt where it shows what I have ordered, how much and what they cost but obviously the products I ordered would have to be renamed for stealth purposes. If you put that kind of receipt inside the delivery, just send the same one to my email. This worked fine when I ordered from expresspeds a while ago when they were still in business.

    Order number is #30397 like I mentioned and username on your website is Archer123

  • Still no reply… My order got sent back and couple minutes ago I asked for a store credit. Let’s see if they answer but i probably wont get my money back. Before they answer I wouldn’t recommend anyone to order from them.

    By the way at the same times when I made this order from iron anabolics, I also made an order with pctmart and they responded almost instantly and helped me with the customs problem and their delivery came through.

  • Hi @mr-robot

    Order #30397, tracking information says “The item has not been picked up or agreeing on the delivery has failed, so it has been returned to the sender.”

  • It failed because it couldn’t get through customs. I couldn’t agree on delivery or pick up because it was stuck. I have to admit this was kind of my fault too because I didn’t know how Finnish customs work. Now I do. But to be fair it also took you month and a half to answer back. Did you get the package back and can I get store credit?

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