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  • In response to my last message, I placed an order on Jan 9th and just received my order today Jan 13th. Very impressed with the quick turn around, especially since I ordered 10 items. Also fast/easy communication via email with the rep. Order was well packaged with bubble wrap, and also discreet. Update on the gear won’t be for a while as I’m still on my first blast and won’t be using it until the next. 10/10 would order again.

  • I did earlier this week, to tell them that the tracking code wasn’t working, they advised to wait more. I will contact them again now, I was just wondering if others experienced the same thing here.

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    Is this going to be addressed? How can customers have confidence in your lab if orders are MIA?

  • No orders are MIA and anyone that has experienced an issue has received a response. We are operating as normal and all orders are being filled within an appropriate timeframe.

    Without getting into specifics that may include sensitive details, all I can say is that:

    Canada Post suspended service altogether for a specific region in Canada due to the huge backlog of mail. Between the floods, damaged highways, excessive snowfall, and every individual in this province taking a leave from work due to the stupid Optimus Prime “variant” of COVID, everything is at a standstill.

    If you search for “CanadaPost delays” on Google you’re going to get numerous articles popping up stating the exact same thing.

    We ship our packs (and always have) in a manner that they do not receive a scan at the first post office where they are dropped off at. (Think security). Therefore, the tracking # will only display on Canada Post’s site when they receive a scan at the second sorting facility. Due to the extreme delays by Canada Post, some packs have yet to arrive at the second sorting facility. There is legitimately nothing I, or any other vendor shipping from specific parts of the country can do about this. I appreciate everyones’ patience until this is sorted by Canada Post.

  • Order received! It took a while but I finally got it and everything was packed perfectly, very professional and discrete :) 10/10

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