PharmaHGH Order 1/10/20

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  • Hate to do this, but I feel like I’m getting the runaround. Have been in communication w source, but still empty-handed.

    1/10/20 payment sent

    1/11/20 source receives payment, says will notify when pack ships.

    1/15/20 source says “pack went out a few days ago”

    1/17/20 source copy/pastes generic ‘in transit - arriving on time’ info from USPS when I inform him I still have no labels created on my informed delivery

    1/23/20 8 days after source states pack went out a few days prior to that, still have nothing. I check in out of worry, did something happen to the pack?

    1/23/20 source says “Damn man I just tracked it so sorry man my shipper messed up the address on the Label so they sent it back . Ill get it right out to you. My apologies”

    1/23/20 source confirms correct address and even throws in a freebie for the mixup when asked

    1/27/20 I inform source yet again I have nothing created or displaying in my informed delivery, he responds stating the pack shipped 1/25/19

    1/31/19 still nothing. I have shipped USPS from CA to NY in 3-4 days max, I do not understand this delay if pack was actually shipped when source claims it was.

    Given how this process has transpired thus far, it just feels like something fishy is going on.

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