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  • I don’t this will surprise many of you but it’s been over a month with no delivery not real communication (other than his jackassery after about 3 weeks) and after exhausting literally every option I finally am going to post on here.

    Ordered before he fucked up his operation the last couple of months. I get that he’s a child who likes to belittle customers but what he’s doing is stealing.

    A month ago I followed his instructions but missed an allegedly key piece stating that I needed to put on the website that I’m giving my address in an email. I did send him the exact order with address and coin payment link l, along with my email address through the website, to every email he’s provided in this site.

    I read that he’s an incompetent dick so I decided I’d be patient and figured that even though I asked for confirmation that he got my address he was to “busy” to reply in his BS reply time.

    After a week I sent another email asking for an update. I sent it to all the emails he had listed once because again, I didn’t want to be annoying.

    Another week went by, no reply, no product, nothing. At this point I just assumed I was being robbed. I sent another email to his new emails as a last ditch. Again this is 3 weeks in, I’ve sent him all the information he could possibly need to every email multiple times. 3 weeks in he goes “ah so you’re stupid and didn’t put your email on the website. Go to the new website and put in your products and payment yadayada “ problem is the products I put in aren’t on the new site. I emailed him about 12 times in the last week with no reply.

    I honestly can’t tell if this guy is just a moron or if he’s a scammer.

    Or he could just be in desperate need of getting a fucking work ethic. I asked for my money back (as he stated he’d provide on the webpage) no reply. Of course.

    Buyer beware this dude will use any excuse he can to rob you. Read all the reviews on him. Buy from someone reliable like Winter and not this child.

  • Be patient. He has never scammed anyone on this board even when he had similar issues in the past.

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