Thoughts on pharma vs generic HGH

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  • For those that have used both, did you find the significant cost difference for pharma over generic to be worth it?

    Never used it personally but I’m in my late 30s and considering trying it out for awhile for overall quality of life benefits. I’ve seen a number of opinions searching around but wanted to see if anyone here would share their recent thoughts on it.

  • Haven’t used pharma for an appreciable amount of time but I think that generics are getting better, something like The Provider’s Mauve Tops and Grey Tops are an amazing value. Some say that 3iu of generic HGH is equal to 1iu of Pharma but without bloodwork comparisons its hard to say.

  • 10 IU of generic put me at just over 20 ng/L, while 10 IU of pharma put me at just over 35 ng/L.

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