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  • Anyone hear train like Zach Zeiler? aka 3 hours in the gym, balls to the wall, all out, high volume, all angles, all rep ranges, he says he hits most muscles every 48-72 hours as well… How the hell is that even possible? I do 1.5-2 hours MAX and I feel pretty dead after every workout. Hes got a physique I want too and wondering if thats even necessary. I know the OG’s used to train 5 hours a day like Arnold. But then people like Chris Bumstead train 1-2 hours max and look even better lol.

  • Dorian, levrone, Lee priest, Nasser, Shawn Ray all no more than an hour in the gym. When you have the right hormones in the blood you just need to stimulate for growth. I think I’ve heard all those guys besides Dorian say “stimulate don’t annihilate”

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