Cheapest blood work labs?

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  • Been looking online to get my Estrogen but can’t find a single test under 50$. I want to get it tested multiple times over the course of this next 1-2 months to see if my AI dose is correct.

    For reasons I wont disclose here, I can not go to a doctor to request blood tests. This is out of the equation.

    So Im looking at things like ultralabtests or quest diagnostics etc. Where you order the blood test online that you want and you go to the lab and they post your results online for you

  • Privatemdlabs, code RHINO for 15% off.

  • Ultalabtests for e2 ultrasensitive. They usually have a 20% off coupon. Like Yelrup said privatemd labs for full bloodwork I’ve found as well.

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