Can we discuss grey market research chemicals?

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  • Just wondering if anyone here is into any legal/grey market research chemicals, primarily hallucinogens, and if it’s kosher to discuss those here.

    They’re legal to purchase so I assume that it’s not a problem to discuss them here, but you never know. If this isn’t cool, please delete my thread.

    I like 1p-lsd, but have had some bad luck with my last couple of orders. Looks like it’s getting harder to find reliable sources for US customers these days,

  • Uh, that doesn’t sound legal to me. I’d say not cool to discuss, go find a discord or reddit. This is a AAS site.

  • fairly certain there are rules saying no substance discussion other than AAS in main rules. maybe find a research chem group, you are posting this on Chad forums sir

  • Read the name of the board.


  • [quote=“Niceguy19” pid=‘65262’ dateline=‘1566006647’]
    Read the name of the board.


    Niceguy19 is the best!

    No drug discussion here my friend even if it’s “not technically illegal”. RCs are potentially really bad for you too dude. Why be a guinea pig, no one knows any of the long term side effects. I’ve had friends get seriously fucked up mentally on things like DOx and 25x chemicals. Not cool to see

  • Fair enough, figured there wasn’t any harm in asking.

    Thanks for clearing that up fellas.

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