How long to blast before TRT blood work is due

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  • Hello all!

    I’ve been all over the forums and have yet to get a “definitive “ answer. So why not post up and ask.

    Currently prescribed:
    Test cyp -200mg every 10days

    500mg test-e
    200mg Deca

    Split into two Injections a week.

    Now the question is, I have six months till I’m due for bloodwork for the doc and I want to know how long should I stop the blast and resume the TRT protocol to get my levels back in “normal” range?

    I was thinking stopping the blast 4 weeks before bloods are due and resume TRT protocol so I don’t totally flatline

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  • Ouiji board says 15 days after last blast shot test will be guttered probly matching your low trt reading. Or in the range. Deca not sure but stopping 30 days before is wise said an owl.

  • If you lower your testosterone dose about a month before your labs you should be fine. The Deca can be tricky though, as it can show up as testosterone on certain testing methodologies. If your doctor doesn’t order LC-MS/MS testosterone testing, the Deca could show falsely elevated testosterone levels. Not exactly sure how long it would take being off the Deca for this to not be a concern, but it’s probably a pretty long period of time.

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