Misriah T/A (x2)

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  • I placed an order with Misriah that seemed to be, unfortunately, during their period of email issues. Nevertheless, Misriah Rep was quite quick to help me out.

    I placed the order on July 18 and received my pack on July 29. However, there were a couple products missing from my order. I followed up with Misriah Rep to get it sorted out, and they quickly sent the missing items, plus a couple freebies.

    Misriah handled the inevitable logistical difficulties and errors gracefully, and with great customer service.

    Assuming the products are of the quality of their customer service, I will continue to use them!

  • Thank you for leaving this TA review, and for all of your patience with the tricky communications situation we had to navigate through this past while~!

    I am so sorry once again for all of the trouble, and I am very glad to know everything has now reached you successfully ! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to fix our mistakes and showing so much kindness and understanding during the process. I sincerely appreciate it!!

    This post counts as $20 store credit towards your next order (TA = $10 x2 – doubled by me as an exception for the inconvenient circumstances). You’re eligible for an additional $20 off your next order if you’d like to leave an Anecdotal review for any of the product you’ve received~!

    :) Thanks again & take care~!

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