Misriah test e 500 and gentle granny PWO oils

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  • First of all, thanks alot for the opportunity to win this!

    The vials and toppers are really nice. Especially the topper and rubber stopper - super high quality.

    Test e 500 - defineitly gtg from what I can tell. I use high doses of test on and off to shock growth as I’m a full on blaster/abuser lol. I pinned 1g and I noticed the regular effects of 1g the following days.

    Gentle granny- 2.5mg mtren 30mg sdrol per ml. Im no stranger to these compounds so I know what to expect when running them. After a heated debate with some trestolone shill claiming its so much better tha tren, I think ill vent here…Id like to point out that all these fucking “gurus” need to eat shitty butthole with their one path mindset to AAS use. Sure, general consensus is formed about AAS cycles, compounds,and effects - BUT THERE IS SO MUCH INDIVIDUALITY INTO HOW ONE THING EFFECTS SOMEONE OR THE NEXT. STOP PARROTING SHIT AS THE END ALL BE ALL.

    ANYWAYS, the PWO
    Pinned 1/2ml today before a high rep low rest shoulders and biceps workout. Im recovering my CNS right now from constant heavy lifting and I haven’t been getting the best pumps lately… Another side of the SoCo tren ace ive recently started. (2 weeks in) I have a love/hate for tren ace… Anyways mtren is tren but stronger and does the same thing to me. Sdrol as well. It sucks up and uses EVERYTHING I put into my body. Basically no matter what im always depleted, but my intensity and power goes up (or in this case maintains as I’m overreached right now and need rest) … The best thing about these compounds (and tren ace) is coming off and blowing up all the lean mass again with wet compounds.

    Anyways its all great stuff. Gentle granny is for advanced user for sure and not something id run too often. Thanks again misriah.

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