Graduating from pro hormones to AAS

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  • Hey guys I’m kind of new to the world of steroids. I’m ran a lot of pro hormones though some with 5 compounds a week. What I am wondering is.
    Will this make it where I have to take a large amount of AAS to see results? I am currently running 500mg of test c a week (pinning 250 twice a week) and 25mg of Tren ace ED. I have been on the test c for 3 weeks and the Tren for 1week.I have always been a hard gainer and I am not really seeing to much in results in either strength or size I mean the scale is going up but I am not looking to much different. Do I need to change dosing or just be patient?
    Also, my chest is a week point that I would like to see a lot of improvement on. How often can I train chest without overtraining it while blasting?

  • You need to be super patient. Tren at that dose will probably start to show at 2-4weeks and test of that ester and dose will probably show some mild results at 6-8wks.

    This stuff is not magic (even if Tren is close). It takes time, good diet, hard training, and a good base to see results.

    I won’t gatekeep about your background but please do some extra research and have an AI, caber, and PCT on hand and ready to go.

  • Never been a fan of pro hormones. Just think there toxic and awful for you. Cyp takes around 5-6 weeks for me to start to see some changes and if it’s your first cycle I would of just ran cyp but to each there own. Like he said though make sure you got your anti estros on deck and your pct

  • Drop the tren. You don’t need tren for your first cycle especially when it’s apparent you don’t really know what you’re doing. Run test alone. You’re only 3 weeks in on the test c it’s not even completely saturated yet.


  • Def drop the tren, eat right, train hard(er), wait 8 weeks. My first cycle took about that time (around 2 months) when other people started noticing and I started getting comments. I feel where you’re at though…just be patient and stay the course (besides the tren, for now).

  • thanks for the insight guys! I did not mention that I have been cruising on 250mg test C for close to a year now? Should I still drop the Tren?

  • [quote=“Swoleisthegoal” pid=‘64569’ dateline=‘1565557380’]
    thanks for the insight guys! I did not mention that I have been cruising on 250mg test C for close to a year now? Should I still drop the Tren?

    Yes, I would 100% drop it and run test alone. You should get solid gains on 500mg a week, as long as diet and training are solid.

  • Don’t get why people think aas our magic

  • [quote=“Jalisco07” pid=‘64573’ dateline=‘1565557863’]
    Don’t get why people think aas our magic

    Stigma and mystery around then.

    Plus the “big name” busts in pro sports

  • I’ve been running gear for 3 years and still consider myself small sooooo… Lol

    Hate to burst your bubble but I would plan on running gear for at least a year before seeing meaningful results… Muscle takes a long time to build… Dense thick tissue… Not water and bloat… Just the way it is man. Good luck.

  • Man I feel like I’m catching a lot of crap for this post. I am by no means new to the weight room I have been lifting for 5 years. I started at a 6ft1 inch 130 lbs with like 11inch arms I’m at 185 right now. I am well aware that it takes time to build muscle I have just never ran real gear befor just prohormones. And I did cause they were the legal alternative. I was just looking into insight on rather I would have to run gear at a higher dosage to Get results since I have ran almost every prohormone their is. And I am talking about the good ones befor the ban a couple years back.

  • Honestly the only way to find out is to do it. Start small then increase if you need to. Like we all did. Honestly you should have done real gear from the get go. And please drop the tren!! Just start with test dt

  • Not giving you shit. You are just misinformed. Try to take this constructively so you can learn and get a better understanding of what you’re getting into. If it took you 5 years to gain 55 pounds running “almost every prohormone there is” then how much did you expect to gain in 3 weeks on test/tren? Think about it logically man…

  • ^^^^^^this is dead on^^^^^

  • Well I was on a pro hormone stick that I jumped 30 lbs on in eight week one time I went for 170 to 200 yes it was ALOT of water weight and bloat but when I cut back down it was 15lbs of lean muscle that I kept. Until I got shingles and lost most of it. So I was expecting about the same on my first Tren cycle. About 15pounds of lean muscle.

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