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  • Just wanted to introduce myself.

    As anyone around here my age will notice (I am 29 years old), yes my name is Dragonball influenced, which also influenced my time spent in combat sports and lifting in later years. I consider myself new to gear still despite running various cycles at this point. Currently on a 350 test a, 350 tren a, 350 mast a cycle after a 40lb test/deca bulk a few months ago. Will have some lab work done soon as I do in the middle of each cycle I have done. No sides apart from sweating easier and some insomnia.

    Decided recently to implement cruise dosage opposed to going off and doing a PCT due to a long history of depression and lethargy. I cruise at 250mg of test, as 200mf did do the job physically, the extra 50mg is the minimum I have found that gives the positive effect on my overall mentality. My first few cycles affected my life and mood in such a positive way, that even my wife encourages this choice after seeing my deep depression diminish, and even takes care of my pinning for me.

    Not sure what is expected of an introduction, but wanted to share some info about myself as I’m sure I will be picking a lot of brains around here and conversing with you all.

    Also, I know a lot of forums have a required rules list of mostly common sense guidelines, but didn’t come across one here, so if I managed to overlook that I apologize and will gladly observe it.

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