Misriah Order T/A

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  • Ordered on July 31st and recieved on August 7th, so roughly a week T/A including non-business days. This is my second time ordering and had a small problem with the first order, which was fixed promptly and how they package things now is a big upgrade from the previous order, so kudos on upgrading the methods and overall got all my goods and looking forward to running it.

  • :) Thank you for leaving us your T/A review~!

    If you haven’t already, you can redeem this thread as $10 store credit with us on your next order, as per our review incentives. As well as you are eligible for the $20 Anecdotal Review, if you wish leave one for any of the items you received.

    I do apologize for the trouble with your first order, I’m very happy to hear everything got you smoothly the second time around and I deeply appreciate you giving us the second chance !

    Cheers ~! Talk soon !

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