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  • I have ordered from x-peptides 7 or 8 times, and I don’t know what took me so long to throw this dude some respect.

    He has frequently taken a last minute order the day before his shipments go out. No problem.

    One time I fucked up and wrote an incorrect address and he was actually super helpful and managed to get it to me anyway.

    And all of his products have the appropriate desired effects

    I have used his Mod GRF, GHRP2, IGF1-LR3, PEG-MGF, PT 141, BPC 157, GHK-cu, all seemed potent anecdotally.

    I hope this dude is around for a while because he’s great to work with and has awesome products

  • +1 for x-peptides. This guy is legit, prompt, and the melanotan Ive ordered turned me darker than my ex’s heart.

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