Extortionist threats made against Panda

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  • We have been receiving emails and wickr messages from an extortionist trying to extort money from us. He claims to have hacked our website. Which is impossible. All of our clients information is deleted regularly. Only thing that is saved on our website is our customers accounts which consist of an email. He has so far not provided any tangible evidence to his claims.

    All of the information of orders that are pending or in transit are stored offline from our website on a secure database used by the Chinese government and military. It is one of the most secure databases in the world. No pertinent information is actually stored on our website. He claims that he will post a list of all the information he has if his demands of $30,000 are not paid.

    Like I said previously, he has not been able to give me tangible evidence of actually hacking my website. Which my website is encrypted and so it the database which stores our information that is on the website.

    If some list is posted the information will be fabricated and by no means any of our clients actually information. Because as I’ve said orders are deleted regularly.

    This extortionist is also targeting other steroids vendors who have websites.

    This individual is a blatant liar.

  • Thanks for coming in to let us know what’s going on, always better to hear it that way than have the sheer panic ensue after.

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