Misriah Domestic Blacktops and Evista

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  • Blacktops habe helped me continue the expected GH progress. Gaining muscle nicely with combination of AAS and Insulin. I get sleepy about 45 minites after pinning 3.33iu. Definitely build insulin resistance as opposed to taking insulin w/o the GH. Fat loss has continued as expected. I never really got any of the numb/tingly hands from any peptide or other sources GH but I’ve definitely noticed a little water retention. Overall I’m happy.

    Evista has been great at keeping nipples tight

  • Thank you kindly also for this Anecdotal~! Glad our blacktops are going good for ya, love 'em myself!

    And can’t really expect anything less of Evista~!

    As always, you’ll receive an additional $20 off your next order with us for this review. Just add a link to this thread when you’d like to redeem it. :)

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