Dumbest HGH question

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  • I literally have the dumbest HGH question, and it’s honestly for my friend. I personally have never tried HGH.

    So my buddy has been using GH for a long time (years)
    He uses 2iu’s a day of RIPTROPIN

    His coach told him to get a GH test kit, this one specific from ROID TEST https://roidtest.com/products/growth-hormone-test-kit

    This test is for GH SOMATROPIN.

    He tests the shit, comes back indicating NEGATIVE for the presence of Somatropin.

    Here is the dumbest question: Is Riptropin the same as Somatropin? Is his HGH obviously fake?? Are riptropin and somatropin the same thing?

    He’s swears the stuff his using makes him feel better (placebo?)

    I think he should maybe get a new source? What’s the deal? Help, and thanks.

  • HGH causes things like healthy nails, brighter/cleaner skin, faster hair growth, numbness in hands, etc. After two years he should have noticed them but he really needs to get bloods to know.

  • If I am not mistaken, riptropin, godtropin, hygetropin are ALL brand name things, but somatropin is the actual name of the active ingredient

    Aka ALL hgh is somatropin, if his kit is testing negative, it’s probably fake and he should get bloodwork or do more research on his source.

    Often times, or so i’ve heard, HGH is counterfeited by using hgh secretogogues that will increase hgh concentrations, but aren’t actually HGH

  • Speaking out of my ass here as I’m not expert on the sensitivity of those tests, but tests for actual GH require a large dosage about an hour ahead of the test. The correct thing to test for when looking at HGH for our purposes would be IGF-1 as the half-life is considerably longer.

  • Bill Llewelyn always said the tests are hit or miss. I’d not trust one to test any compound accurately, have him get proper testing done.

    Source for Bill Llewelyn’s roidtest statement (the guy who created that product)- he was my neighbor for a few years basically lol.

  • You can get gh serum done for about $50 from privatemd. Inject 10iu 3 hours before blood draw. Best way to be sure tbh

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