Misriah Generic HGH - 10iu IM 2.5hrs later - Serum GH 34.7ng/mL

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  • Blood Work Review
    Link to blood work : // https://imgur.com/x3xZIKv //
    Source : // @misriah //
    Running testosterone : // yes - not from Misriah //
    Ester : // prop //
    Weekly dosage : // 350 //
    Product(s) run other than test : // HGH, tren A, DHB, var, metformin XR //
    Weekly dosage(s) : // 5iu/day, 100/d, 100/d, 100/d, 500mg/d //
    Number of weeks run : // HGH 8wks, everything else 4wks //
    Draw time after last pin : // test - 29hrs, HGH - 2h35m //
    Blood Results
    Test reading in ng/dL : // 1277 //
    Test multiplier : // 3.65x - not within 24hrs, usually get 3.2-3.5x response //
    Capped at >1500 : // no //
    E2 reading : // 9.9 //
    Liver/lipids elevated : // yes, lipids trashed //
    GH Serum reading : // 34.7 ng/mL //

    * Process: filled a vial with 2ml bac saline the day before, kept it in the fridge. Injected the whole vial IM into my pec at 838am (missed my alarm by a few minutes). Went to an 11am appointment and got blood drawn at about 11:12am (2h34m post injection).
    * I have a shitty response to testosterone, these bloods weren't about the test though. 3.65x is actually very good for me, but I'm not going to say who I got my raws from because I don't want them to be tagged with bad bloods. 630 test E per week (pin eod) put me at 2000ng/dl, 175 pharma puts me at about 600
    * My HCT was at 57 a couple months ago, did two blood donations and took naringin 1g/d to get it down significantly
    * I just got hurt and had to end the blast early. Will continue to run GH at 2.5-3iu/day
    * Anecdotal review: GH is great, skin looks great and dealt with some hand numbness. Bumped up to 5iu within 5wks of starting, will titrate up more slowly next time. Sleep sucked cuz of tren.
  • Thank you kindly for the GH bloods, Thad!! (We really needed some!)

    Also happy to hear you’ve been seeing positive effects~! :) Feel ya on the slow-dose increase in the future, I bumped mine up a little too fast and learned that one the hard way, too.

    Hand numbness – As everyone here is probably all too painfully aware, there is few and far between studies on HGH to give us a lot of insight on these kinds of sides. But one thing I have come across in reading is that the tell-tale numbness or carpal tunnel symptoms many experience with GH use is likely caused by the excess water retention it promotes. I found a lot of relief with similar symptoms by upping electrolytes and water intake to try to negate that. Might be worth a shot if it becomes too uncomfortable!

    Anyway, onto the good stuff:
    You’ve got $175 store credit with us for sharing your bloods, redeemable at any of our stores & mix/matchable. Just link this thread in your E-mail to us when you’d like to cash in.

    Gonna give you an additional $20 for the Anecdotal. Normally we ask that this be in it’s own thread/section to count for the incentive, but I’m pretty stoked about getting GH bloods so I’m going to make an exception.

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