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  • So I just got bloods back from using Test E 300mg for 3 weeks. My test came back at 2829ng/dl and E2 came back at 78!

    • The reason I got bloods is because I was feeling extremely tired and bloated and figured it must be a side effect of high estrogen, haven’t taken asin yet.

    • Later last Thursday, which was the day I got bloods, I took 6.25mg of aromasin but I didn’t pin my second Test E dose of the week because I was considering a PCT since I felt so shitty from the high estrogen.

    • Saturday comes and I feel much better! Had an awesome workout and tons of energy. (Estrogen in a good spot?)

    • Sunday comes and I feel good but hot flashes start kicking in. The hot flashes persisted for Monday and Tuesday as well, along with some fatigue

    • Today I am feeling better, bloat is down, no hot flashes.

    • My question is, based off this report, how should I dose my AI going forward so I can balance my estrogen?

    • I was thinking 3.125mg of asin on pin days starting this Thursday. Does this sound about right?

    • So far I learned that I definitely need AI, just need to figure out how much.

  • get bloods again on that dosage and see where you are at, guessing isn’t the way

  • I would definitely recommend starting low, you can try 3.25mg e3.5 days and see how you feel after a week or two, and work your way up from there. Luckily 79 isn’t too horrible. I’ve had higher. I would say if you can pull bloods again in 2-3 weeks like appropionate suggested, that would be ideal. don’t skip pin days anymore or it’ll just complicate things further. we can’t tell for sure by feeling so bloods are the safest and most accurate way to go.

    @“NeverHesitate” just tag me if you need anything else, I totally thought I replied earlier but I think i got busy and forgot to send.

  • The most important this is consistency with your dosing. I’d start at 12.5mg M/W/F and retest in about 2 weeks to see where that lands your e2. You could do twice a week if you want to be a little more conservative.

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