Fusion Labs Test P 700mg/wk 2482ng/dl 3.5x and SpartaPharma Bluetops

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  • Blood Work Review
    Link to blood work : // https://imgur.com/a/Ub0rkFM //
    Source : // @"FusionLabs" @"SpartaPharmaUSA" //
    Running testosterone : // yes //
    Ester : // prop //
    Weekly dosage : // 700mg //
    Product(s) run other than test : // gh //
    Weekly dosage(s) : // 28iu //
    Number of weeks run : // 4 //
    Draw time after last pin : // 16 hours //
    Blood Results
    Test reading in ng/dL : // 2484 //
    Test multiplier : // 3.55 //
    Capped at >1500 : // no //
    E2 reading : // 39.5 //
    Liver/lipids elevated : // yup //

    * Finished a tbol and some sdrol a week or two before the draw so thats why my liver is elevated
    * I am a low responder, I have emailed the mods evidence from other blood tests on other esters as proof
    * For the gh test I injected 10iu intramuscular (my delt) three hours before blood draw. I have only been on the hgh for about a week when this was drawn
  • Blue or blacktop hgh?
    And you might want to update the title to include HGH so people can see it if they are looking for hgh reviews. @“propionate”

  • Updated bb

  • Hot damn! I love seeing these GH reviews!!! Only 28??? Ugh that’s disappointing but it’ll have to do I guess :(

    Haha just busting your balls. That’s still a good store. Our last Bluetop score came in at 39 and was ran longer so I am assuming that’s why. Shoot Leo an email and we will get you out tomorrow or Thursday homie :)


  • I damn near fell asleep in the waiting room I can’t imagine having a more intense response

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