Pretrt blood test. need advice/opinions

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    My test is at 600ng/dl. Im 36 5’9 190lb. I just started pinning 150mg test e a week. Plan is be around 1200ng/dl. Would this benefit me mentally/physically or would this be dumb. Thank you.

  • Why 1200, why not 900 or why not 2000? Are you treating a symptom here or just wildly deciding to fuck up your hormones for shits and giggles and picking a number that sounds cool?

    Sorry to be a dick but some of us now have to do this for life just to function. My strong advice is don’t go down that path unless you have to and are fully prepared.

    If you want to B&C then be honest about it and crack on. As presented though it just seems you have made a left field decision without any background given. What made you think about doing this and what symptoms are you trying to cure?
    Apologies, just noticed you other post on this subject. To be fair, your bloods look great so why do this?

  • I was under the impression that having a 1200 level over 600 would improve my mind and body alot with a smaller amount of side effects. I will now consider blasting and cruising since i definitely want to stay on steroids.
    The symptoms i had were a lower level of energy/motivation/sense of wellbeing.

  • Sir,
    Blew a dude once he said that
    He did 140 for a year, then 200 for a year, then 250 for a year, then 400 for a year…mg a week
    250 was minimum for sweet spot feeling psychological and physical…400 was oh thank god baby daddys home…but 250 would be all good in the hood no tears shed here pardner

  • [quote=“ST444” pid=‘62896’ dateline=‘1564421169’]
    My test is at 600ng/dl. Im 36 5’9 190lb. I just started pinning 150mg test e a week. Plan is be around 1200ng/dl. Would this benefit me mentally/physically or would this be dumb. Thank you.

    Hey man, it sounds like you need to do some more research. And honestly, you should have done this research BEFORE pinning, not just pinned whatever amount sounded cool and then thinking about it after the fact.

    Will this benefit you mentally and physically? Yeah, especially in the short-run. Long-run is a big more complicated.

    The question is more whether it is worth the sacrifices. You are shutting down your natural Testosterone production to increase your levels to a little over 1000ng/dl. Most people would say that it isn’t worth it, which is why 300-500mg/week of Test is recommended to people who plan on starting.

    So yeah, it’s dumb. It’s dumb that you didn’t think it through and are now asking this question here after starting lol. If you had asked this question BEFORE injecting, then no, it wouldn’t be dumb. It would be you doing your due diligence before a big life decision.

    As for your actual plan, it is just weird as fuck. Why would you start with a high cruise, when your levels are no where near TRT levels? People generally start with a blast, and then cruise to give their body a break.

  • Is this your first time using testosterone/AAS at all?

  • [quote=“nlite2k” pid=‘62946’ dateline=‘1564441795’]
    Is this your first time using testosterone/AAS at all?

    First time, Think i will stay on 150mg test a week for atleast a year.

  • That’s…kind of weird? Decently high natty testosterone, decides to self-administer TRT?

    This sounds ass backwards, but I think you should run an honest to goodness steroid cycle and then PCT, then think about it.

    You should know what coming off entails before you decide to jump on indefinitely.

    5’9" 190, are you jacked? If the answer is “no, I’m fat” or “I bench two plates, but could stand to lose 20lbs” then bukakkeeing yourself with 500mg a week of testosterone is a bad idea.

    Like said above, this is all kind of strange.

  • FFS this has to be just about the most retarded and poorly thought out idea I have heard this week (it’s a slow week, alpha project has been unusually quiet).

    Here’s what’s going to happen. You pin 150mg, for the first couple of weeks it adds to your own (already perfectly healthy) test. Around 12 days in you develop what we call the Testosterone Honeymoon. The added test and your test combine and you feel alpha as fuck, horny as a teenager and could take on the world. This lasts for about a week then you own test gradually shuts down production. Enjoy this honeymoon, you only get it once and you can never get it back. From this point on 150mg injection just makes you feel NORMAL. Not enhanced, not superman just the same as you did before as you had good blood levels and were showing no symptoms.

    Please have a really long chat with yourself about this. You have now committed to replacing a perfectly functioning natural hormone with an external one FOR NO ADDED BENEFIT. On what plane of reality is that a good idea? You are committed to this for a year? Why a year? What is going to happen at the end of that year? Don’t forget, once you get bored with pinning for no reason you are going to need to PCT off anyway.

    This makes no sense. It’s a bit like having all your teeth removed as you read that false teeth are a little bit better that real teeth. What you end up with is teeth either way, not better, not worse just different but the new ones need to live in a glass at the side of your bed.

  • ^That’s a great analogy. I was also thinking it was like deciding to go on Methadone maintenance when you had never had an opiate.

  • I think there is something being overlooked here if your feeling symptoms of low T at a 600 serum test level. Get your SHBG tested. It is possible to have a abnormal high shbg that is crushing your free t levels. Free t is the number you need to really be monitoring as that is the amount of test that is active in your bloodstream. I agree that you should not jump on TRT if its not necessary but you could try stinging nettle root to lower shbg and see how you feel.

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