Hair loss only on certain brands of test?

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  • When I did my first e cycle a couple of years ago I did 250 mg a week. My hair was falling out pretty fast. My pillow looked like a dog was sleeping on it.

    Then when I ran out of that test, I switched to Altered Genetics Test E. On the same dose I experienced no more hair falling out.

    Now this year I still have the same batch of Altered Genetics TestE, and I’m doing 500 mg a week. Still no hair falling out.

    Why is this? Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

  • If I were rich, I’d love to compensate you to send that vial to Jano to see if it’s even test E, like soco said.

  • lol, it sounds like you guys know something that I don’t! Please fill me in.

    I do think it’s real, though.

    When I used it before I did see good gains, especially in areas you don’t exactly work out like my neck and jaw muscles. I’m seeing gains in my lifting and my waist is getting smaller.

    Also, I’m having issues this cycle (same stuff I bought in 2017). I started out at 250 mg week and then after about 3 weeks I increased it to 500 mg/week.

    The first few weeks I felt my sex drive picking up and could see my neck getting a bit thicker. After I upped it to 500 mg/week my sex drive was crazy. I had to take care of myself in the morning and at noon, and when I left the house I still felt the urge. It was kind of crazy.

    Then after about a week at 500 mg I noticed a lot of bloating. I looked puffy as hell and I felt tired all the time. That has continue until now, where I feel tired all day and get bloated very easily if I eat any carbs, and my dick barely works. I’m also oily as shit. Normally I have dry skin.

    So there’s something in it.

  • It probably has more to do with your actual Test blood levels and more importantly your e2 levels. One source could also be underdosed compared to the other one.

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