Misriah mtren/sdrol PWO blend review 10/10

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  • Bought misriah’s pwo blend called ‘the gentle granny’ a few weeks ago. So far the highest I have gone is 500 mcg mtren and it is STRONG. Rep/volume PR’s on all big lifts. I can handle way much volume than before. This stuff is so strong that I dose it conservatively at only 250 mcg mtren with the little bit of sdrol I think (I forgot how much sdrol that is to go along with, but the dose is noticeable).

    This will definitely last a long time and both the visual and strength gains are crazy even at a low dose. Would recommend.
    I also ordered his domestic Pharma products such as t3 and ai, and they are solid- not much else to explain.

    10/10 misriah

  • I just ordered some of the injectable mtren from there, so I’m pleased to hear this. I would have gotten a blend, but I want to try mtren on its own (over just a cruise dose of test) so I can get a handle on it.

  • Hahaha, granny isn’t really so gentle, is she? :) Thank you so much for the Anecdotal review ! I’m happy to hear you’ve seen some gains from it.

    Also glad to know the T3/AI is doing it’s job ~!

    You’ll get $20 off your next order for this review, just include a link to this thread in your next E-mail with us!

    Cheers !

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