Finally gonna use GH. Going through TP and all advice welcome.

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  • Just like the title says, I’m finally going to take the growth plunge. I’ve done quite a few cycles and done 1 show. I placed 1st in my class in classic physique and now I want to go for those national comps next year. I was thinking of running 3-5ius a day split up in the AM and PM before bed. I was going to go with the 150iu blacktops, but any advice on which ones are better or what you’ve used is much appreciated. I’m no novice to gear, but growth is a whole new world and I’m very excited.

    Thanks boys!

  • TP’s Blacktops are awesome. Best bang for your buck and only generic GH I’ll ever take, you won’t be disappointed

  • The question is do you want purity or higher total hgh on money spent? That’s the difference and up to you.
    And his last batch is 17iu a vial. If I wasn’t sitting on 7 kits, I’d buy blacks from him.

  • Who is TP?

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