Bulk orals, deep discounts

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  • Sup faggots,

    First off I want to clear up the elephant in the room being my brand new account and this being quite literally my first post. I made this account for one purpose, and that’s this thread/whatever communications I have to do surrounding it.

    I’ll make this short and sweet, I’ve acquired a large amount of finished/unfinished product, most of which is orals, from a REPUTABLE former source of SST. I’ve recently labeled it with my own labeling out of respect, and also cause I know y’all would bitch about that.

    I’m looking to sell this lot quickly, it’s time for this to be gone. Therefore I am running huge deals on any and everything I have left, included what’s yet to be bagged (tadalafil, sildenafil, accutane). Ideally a source who wants to cut costs at labor will reach out and talk to me, but I am open to sending out packs to consumers I would just expect at least a $300 minimum. I’ve been sourcing locally and doing some online business for years.

    Dbol 25mg
    Anadrol 25mg
    Aromasin 12.5mg
    Arimidex .5mg
    Proviron 20mg
    Cialis 10mg
    Viagra 5mg
    Letrozole .625mg
    Toremifene 30mg


    Deca 250mg/ml
    Equipose 300mg/ml

    I might have missed some but hmu and let’s make something happen. IT’s all batch tested, verified quality gear. I can send out sample packs if you’re hesitant but you literally have no reason to trust me so I would understand lol. Pics available of stock, and we can break down the shipments into smaller bits that was if anyone thinks this is some sort of elaborate exit scam, your’e protected.

    Mods, please reach out if I am doing anything out of conduct here.

    EMAIL: nattyaf@tutanota.com

  • This is 100% against the board rules.

  • [quote=“kingofcarbz” pid=‘62399’ dateline=‘1564136018’]
    This is 100% against the board rules.

    beat me by three fucking minutes I’m still reporting it too #fuckthemodcenter

  • This is 100% against the board rules.

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