SOCO Test E 400mg/ week 1656ng/dl 4.14x

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  • Blood Work Review
    Link to blood work : ,
    Source : @“SouthernCompounding”
    Running testosterone : yes
    Ester : Enanthate (TE400)
    Weekly dosage : 400mg
    Product(s) run other than test : EQ (SOCO), ASIN (SOCO)
    Weekly dosage(s) : 600mg, 6.25mg/EOD
    Number of weeks run : 7th week
    Draw time after last pin : 62 hours to be exact

    Blood Results
    Test reading in ng/dL : 1656
    Test multiplier : 4.14
    Capped at >1500 : no
    E2 reading : 9.1 (E2 Sensitive)
    Liver/lipids elevated : Liver elevated, Total/HDL/ LDL all low

    -I’m pinning SOCO’s TE400 @200mg Sat/Tue with 300mg EQ, I’m a little disappointed with the multiplier but have been making solid gains never the less. I willl probably bump it up to 500-600 weekly for the remainder of my cycle.

    -I ran 50mg of D-Bol daily from another lab that is not part of this awesome community as a kick start for 5 weeks This should explain the elevated liver enzymes, I stopped taking the D-bol about 10 day’s prior to having my blood drawn. I’ve used TUDCA on cycle 500mg daily.

    -I’ve donated whole blood x1 during cycle to keep my RBC’s on point. I will also donate again early September near the end of my blast.

    • My fasting glucose is low because I have type 1 diabetes, I tend to keep my blood sugars between 60-130 most of the time with close monitoring, diet and experience. I wish I could run GH =(

    -I’ve added a “lowish dose” of Tren E at 250mg per week by Synergy Forge the day after getting my blood test, for the fuck of it.

    -Shit’s going good and I feel great but like I said I’ll probably bump the Test E a little more going into the 2nd half of this blast d/t low multiplier. I have about 10 weeks left of this blast until I cruise for a while and map out my next set of goals.

  • @“SouthernCompounding” is correct for next time.

  • @“SouthernCompounding”

    Sweet, I appreciate that sir! I will shoot you and email.

    My bad, for some reason I thought It was a 72 hour window for bloodwork and have taken that into account as to the multiplier. Still gains have been more than expected, regardless. Unfortunately, I was only able to get my fasting bloodwork done at that time (did my A1c testing at the same time). Next time, I will just shift my dosing schedule to Sun-Wed. since I have Friday’s off.

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