Misriah Inj. Superdrol

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  • I’ve been taking 25mg/day 45 min PWO. I’m on week 4 and have been able to avoid lethargy by keeping carbs at keto level except for a carb refeed once every 4 days. It’s going pretty nicely with this recomp I’m running. Have been losing a steady pound of fat every week and I’m actually up 3 pounds since I’ve started with less BF.

    Edit: I have gotten hypo symptoms tho. Shaky hands in the morning so I’ll eat a cliff bar.

  • Nice work on the recomp/fat loss! Definitely be careful with that hypo though, might wanna nab some apple juice or bananas or something you can snack quick just in case. :)

    And thank you for the Anecdotal Review ! You’ll get $20 off your next order for it, just send us a link to this thread when you E-mail it in~!

    Take care,

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