Misriah Accutane + Ralox

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  • Been taking Misriah’s Accutane for ~2.5 weeks at 20mg/day. I am probably going to stop after this week. Accutane came sealed in Roaccutane containers. Acne is 90% gone, sides are very prevalent (chapped/peeling lips, blood in mucus). Was planning on running it for 8 weeks, but will likely stop for now and save the rest for the fall or winter when I don’t have to worry about sunburns. Honestly, 10/10 accutane, much better than any UGL I have every used.

    Ralox was also pharma, and I was running a 60mg/EOD. I was mainly running it preventatively, didn’t experience many (if any) sides. It was Evista though, and I have no questions about it’s authenticity.

    I have also been running Misriah’s Test E 250 for the past 2.5 weeks at 250mg/week. No pip (though, I don’t normally get any), pins/pulls easy, and no complaints on my end. I plan on getting bloods to confirm in the next few weeks.

  • Ooo boy if I don’t remember the dryness of Accutane, hahaha. Don’t envy the usual sides, but damn if it doesn’t do the job. :) Happy to hear the rest has been treating you well, will love seeing the Bloods when you get 'em posted!

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