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  • I am over the moon with Misriah raw Anadrol! Although this is my first time trying Anadrol, I can tell you this much. Fuck looking like dick skin and a stronk boi at the gym no it’s more than that. I legit get jaw pumps while chewing my dry ass chicken! 10/10 would recommend!

  • Lmao, the review wording gave me a good chuckle. Not really a better way to put it though, is there? :)

    Normally you’d get $20 off your next order for this Anecdotal, but I’ll bump it up to $25 for givin’ me a mood boost with the humor. Just include a link to this thread in your E-mail to us !

    Thank you ~!

  • @“Aggie23” curious to how you consume the raw anadrol - you just measure it out and mix in water or what?

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    @“Aggie23” curious to how you consume the raw anadrol - you just measure it out and mix in water or what?

    :) I know this question wasn’t directed at me, but I thought I’d throw in an answer anyway:

    You can just eat the powder plain and drink it down with some water, for sure! You can do this for essentially any oral; the only difference between plain and capsuled is that capsules are conveniently pre-measured for you.

    I wouldn’t mix it into water however, it is not soluble and will likely just end up stuck to the side/bottom of your cup (basically, you’ll not get your whole dose and might end up with a different dose each time).

    If you do want to make an oral suspension, mix it in with something like olive oil, vodka, grape seed oil, etc. - Then shake it well before use (measure doses with a dropper or an oral syringe). Vodka and glycerin seems to be a favored flavor combination; things like plain olive oil taste like ass.

    For example, if you want 50mg/1mL dose and want to fill a little bottle with 10mL of solvent (we’ll say Vodka this time), then it’s pretty straight forward math: if 50mg = 1ml and you have 10ml overall, 50x10 = 500. So put 500mg (or half a gram) of Anadrol in your 10mL of Vodka. Stir/shake it up and syringe/dropper out 1mL (remember to shake before each dose afterwards in case the powder separates or goes to the bottom). You can obviously adjust this however you please, or add flavoring to your vodka if you want a different taste (hence why many add glycerin for a bit more sweetness). Do consider if you’re adding a significant amount of liquid flavoring it will need to be counted into your equation; though small differences in dosing shouldn’t be significant enough to cause you a ton of trouble anyway (ie. if you want to keep it at 10mL, you may want to use 9mL vodka and 1mL flavoring instead).

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