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  • Evening fellas,
    An older buddy of mine wants to try TRT, but would rather use pills or a cream (I know I know).

    Does anybody have any experience with either of these? I’m fairly certain they both have terrible absorption rates, but cost isnt an issue.

    I want to steer him in the best possible direction. He’s a prime candidate for doctor prescribed TRT (androgel or some shit) but would like to have more on hand.

    Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

  • There is a new test U oral out there for TRT: https://www.rxlist.com/jatenzo-drug.htm

    Androgel sucks. It’s gross and tedious plus inconsistent as hellllllllll in terms of dosing and absorption.

  • As KOC said, look into Test U oral capsules. Test U is the only ester of Test which is decently bioavailable orally; IIRC, around 9%, which is decently consistant with their dosages. But their new formula might have found a way to be over 9% bioavailability. This is compared to injecting IM; so if you are injecting 250mg/week, the equivalent oral dose would be ~2800mg/week (or ~400mg/day).

    Androgel (and similar products) is normally very inconsistent; mostly due to human error. You put it on your delt but put a shirt on over it? Well today, 5% of the gel went onto the shirt, but tomorrow, 10% of the gel went onto the shirt. Then you will also have issues with other reported side effects. It just isn’t normally worth it. Just try for oral Test U.

  • I agree that androgel/testim etc all suck. I used them years ago when I was first on trt and it was miserable. Absorption was horrible and it seemed to convert to Estrogen at ma much higher rate per mg (this is all anecdotal). Andriol (test u) is much better…

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