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  • Thanks a million for getting me my order quickly, despite having a small distraction.

    Super responsive.

    Anecdotally, that preworkout, wewlad!!! Not just great as a PWO, libido was in orbit afterwards, zero pip also

    Much appreciated, very professional.

  • Thanks for posting your T/A review ~! :) You’ll get the $10 off your next order for it, just throw a link to this thread in your next E-mail when you want to redeem it.

    Normally I’d ask Anecdotal reviews have their own thread to qualify for the review incentive credit, but since you’d already mentioned it in our source thread as well, I’m just gonna give you the $20 off for Anecdotal review also.

    ($30 off your next order in total with both credits~)

    :) Thank you again, enjoy!

    Note to user: This Credit has been Redeemed.

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