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  • Hey guys looking for some advice putting together my next blast. My overall goal is to lose a little fat, maybe 3-4% and gain as much muscle as possible (obviously), I would consider it more of a recomp then anything else I guess. I’m leaning towards keeping my test low, originally I was thinking of just test and tren, as I have done the two in the past with pretty good results. My last two Blasts were Test/NPP/Mast/Proviron which worked very well, and then I ran a Test P/Tren A blast for only 8 weeks which also worked great but was on the shorter end of cycles. I’d like to do a 12-16 week blast, possibly increasing doses along the way, and was thinking of going with just low test and going for longer esthers, like 250 Test E and 400 Tren E per week moving up to 600mg tren e at week 8 or something like this, but I also have been looking at DHB, EQ, and Primo lately. I have never tried any of those but not sure if I should even bother since aside from some brutal heartburn I handle Tren fairly well. Don’t really have any experience mixing another compound in with Tren but I’m definitely open to it, any advice is appreciated. Looking to avoid NPP/Deca for the time being since I’m currently on Dutasteride. I’m hoping that by keeping test low and using RU and Keto shampoo with Dut and minox that I’ll be able to ward off any hair issues even with the non-test compounds in there, been working so far.

  • I would advice you next 3 step:
    Setup 1) Tren Ace 500mg/week and Test prop 250mg/week (injecting ed)
    Setup 2) Tren Ace 500mg/week and Test prop 250mg/week and Dbol 20mgs or 30mgs on work out days (injecting ed)
    Setup 3) Tren Ace 500mg/week and Test prop 250mg/week and Winny 50mgs/day (injecting ed)
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