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  • Fusion Labs response time is amazing. He responded to me in less than 10 minutes and I got my shipment literally in 2 days. I have been running Fusion Labs Test E, EQ, and Tren A for the last 7 weeks and the results are awesome. I have had zero pip and no swollen injection sites and the gear is as smooth as it can be. I was one of Fusion Labs first customers and I will always be coming back to them for more gear. I can honestly say that Fusion Labs and SpartaPharma are both top notch sources and I would recommend anyone to give them both a shot.

  • Both fusion and Sparta are great people running a great business. I had the same experience with his tren ace, good stuff. I’m grabbing EQ for my next blast off either one of them so happy to hear you had a good experience. Thanks for the detailed review OP

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