Synergy Forge T/A

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  • Synergy had quick T/A, emailed to place order on the 11th, he replied within hours and I got order paid within a day or so. Received my package on the 15th. Felt like amazon speed and service. Pinned a cruise level dose of test E and feeling normal so it should be good to go.

  • mail to order verification. 45 Min
    Payment to pack landing. 4 Days

    Packaging and Tablets are all legit and high quality. Var tabs are hard pressed and not lightweight dust that fall apart before use.

    Test E and NPP are smooth as silk with zero pip (MCT)

    Will have bloods in 6 weeks.

    But so far, communication and customer service have been exceptional!

    Thanks bro for being here and providing a higher level of service.

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