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  • Several sources have started using “secure” webstore sites to accept orders. I would be interested to hear from any of the sources using a webstore about what makes their site secure.

    I’m not shitting on sources for using a store as it definitely makes fulfillment easier. I’m just uninformed and skeptical.

  • There are many ways to secure a webpage. Here are a few common ones, as well as ones we use for our store-

    -Offshore server (ideally outside of the “14 eyes” countries).
    -Encrypted domain (communication and activity from yourself and the website are encrypted).
    -Many other features, such as non KYC crypto payment processor’s for checkout (not even the payment processor knows the identity of the website owner/owners), options to purge your own order information by yourself (deletes all personal information from both your account and the websites backend/logs), and many more features.

    One feature we have built into our website is with our customer service portal. Upon entering your email for customer support, it must be either a Tutanota email or a ProtonMail address. All other non secure emails are blocked automatically, and we do not receive any customer service queries on our backend in this case.

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