Homebrew question for raw T.

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  • What is the maximum temperature you can expose Test E/C to when making a suspension.

    Just wondering if higher temperatures destroy Test/Ester.

    Anyone know of a website with solid info on making your own injectables?

    For those with experience, do you suggest using domestic or international sourced raws?

  • For the domestic or int, depends if your brewing a lot or a little. They are the exact same with different shipping charges.

    As for the temp question. Test can take some temps unlike say tren. But homebrewing does not require much temps. Get an electromagnetic stirer/hotplate combo and just go lowish temps. I check mine with a laser thermometer.

    Now as for you brewing tne…don’t do it unless you are a very experienceed homebrewer. You will most likely waste your raws. It’s one of the hardest things to get correct and even then you will have a large number of perpetual crashing brews. Stick with the easy shit first, test e/c, deca, mast.

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