TRT imminent?

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  • So I came off a long cycle (was forced to stay on due to medical complications, 28+ weeks of (125test/200-300nand/120trest/800 bold/50mg var a day), where I also had to be on high dose painkillers (opioids, 200+mg oxycodone a day). The suppression was about as bad as it can get. I’ve been off everything for at least 8 weeks, maybe 10. And I’ve been taking my serms extremely diligently.

    Long story short, my natty test used to be 1256ng/dL. I just had it tested at 106ng/dL, with free test at 58ng/dL. This is 8 weeks into an aggressive post cycle… my LH and FSH numbers were also shit. I’m using Hunter’s nolva and clomid at 40/100 so it isn’t bunk, I trust hunter. I know I should see an endocrinologist, but I would rather do TRT myself if that’s what it has come to.

    My testicles have definitely increased in size from pecans to regular sized grapes, but they are still not full size and seem to have halted in their recovery. Some opinions would be nice.

    I’d really rather not be on TRT at 26.

    Edit: despite my libido being way WAY down, my dick still works great. Also my E2 is low, 10pg/mL

  • Your natty test was 1256? Wow, that’s amazing. I think mine was mid 500s at age 25…

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    Your natty test was 1256? Wow, that’s amazing. I think mine was mid 500s at age 25…

    There’s a decent chance my psoriatic arthritis is to blame for my high natty T. Rheumatological diseases often cause increases in LH and FSH. High test usually doesn’t follow suit though but that was in a study for rheumatoid arthritis not psoriatic.

    I’m really surprised my dick is still working, let alone working well, at 106ng/dL. Went two rounds this morning with my fiancé without losing wood.

    It’s worth noting this test was done around 1:30pm so my true levels may not be as low as 106 but they sure aren’t good. E2 at 10. FSH and LH barely registered. I need to get a blood test at the right time of day (morning I know), already set up an appointment with an endocrinologist.

  • Anyone?

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    Any blood work results that you can post?

    I’d drop the clomid and push the Nolvadex to 100mg/day but that’s just me.

    Can’t post it but the exact numbers are 107 total test,10 total E2, LH and FSH were both 0.3, bioaviailable test was 58, and free test was 18. SHBG was normal, 26.

    I’m on plaquenil, which makes nolva a lot less effective due to enzyme inhibition. That’s why I added the clomid in (the only thing that got my testes growing, but they have stopped and they are definitely not close to full size.)

    I think another week of nolva and I’m just going natty from there (out of clomid as of today, turns out 10 weeks is a lot of fucking pills, and I only have 14 nolva’s left so one week at 40mg or two at 20mg, opinions? I’m not going any farther than 11-12 weeks out of fear for my eyes, plaquenil is also hard on the eyes), and if I need TRT I need TRT. Fuck it my life already blows. Psoriatic arthritis is torture. About to have my 12th surgery.

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