Misriah Domestic and Intl Raw T/a 10/10

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  • Ordererd international raws from Misriah. He had a nice sale going on. Order placed 7/5, arrived 7/17 which is 12 days, however tracking usually never updates until it is actually close to arriving so there is a lot of anxiety waiting around. All good though. Misriah came through

    Domestic T/a. Ordered same day 7/5, arrived 7/17. I know misriah is generally swamped with orders, so I don’t mind having a domestic pack arrive slightly delayed. All good though. Everything came as expected. Excited to try his PWO blend

    Conclusion: misriah T/A 10/10, responds fast and his rep is also generally very helpful

  • Thank you so much for posting your T/A experience with us, and the compliments! Sorry for the slow tracking updates, the post likes to let it breeze on by until it hits a major hub for scanning, hahaha. :) Happy to hear everything got to you, though.

    Also have to apologize for the delay on domestic, I appreciate your understanding there! You’ll get $10 off your next order with us for this review; and let us know how the new PWO is in an Anecdotal Review and you can get an additional $20 off.

    Thank you again~! Take care and enjoy :)

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