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  • I’m looking to buy TB and BOC, I was wondering if any members could recommend a supplier that they have use to get quality?

  • X-Peptides on this forum for quality tested peptides, Alibaba for cheaper but unverified quality peptides.

  • Pthd peptides has a sale right now…m I’ve never tried this compound but I have gotten igf-lr3 from this source and it is gtg

  • X-Peptides for tested and proven peptides. They have never let me down throughout the years.

  • I got some VET grade stuff on ebay TB500 - 10mg. I feel the tingles they describe when using it. I got TB500 and BPC-175 on Ebay from guys with mostly 100% feedback.
    I think he sells from a place called ( https://www.peptidecentral.net/collections/all ) but I buy it off ebay because they are easier to purchase and usually are cheaper than the site itself. I don’t quite understand why they bother with the website besides I guess they carry GH peptides as well. Some things you can sell on ebay, some you can’t. Technically WADA banned TB500, lol.

  • blue sky peptides is our go-to, me and some other guys. ive used mt11. nolva, adex, and all worked like a charm. the clen was too strong tho.
    as far as the bpc, my achilles took a sht, used a walking boot and was out of it in 4 weeks. when i did my left one, without bpc, i was in it 7 weeks, so to me, it worked well.
    and they run discounts all the time.

  • Blue sky has always been a huge let down for me for 4-5 different products.

    If you want quality shit use xpeptides.

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