TB500 heal most muscle type Injuries?

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  • I have a crazy shoulder type injury that an MRI, 1 doctor, and 2 physical therapists have not been able to really even diagnose.

    I feel pain along the collar bone where possibly my pec or shoulder muscles attach to the collar bone? It sucks big time because I can’t do much physical activity, even ride a bike because it puts pressure on my shoulders.

    I was hoping to try healing it with TB500 and BPC. Would you think that TB could heal this type of muscle injury? It seems like that is what it does best?

  • Probably wouldn’t hurt to try. Pairing TB-500, BPC-157, and HGH seems like the healing recipe.

  • I had some serious shoulder issue holding me back from working even 50% of what i am capable of and it would kill me all day after lifting. I sprained my wrist badly and put a glute kickback strap on my forearm connected it to a cable pulley machine and worked everything anyway but it still stressed from flexing but i didnt have to grip but i still lifted through injury recovery and made nice gains. I tried to do cardio once and pulled my muscles in my leg badly and was even on crutches for a few days at the gym hitting my upper body.

    All these injuries healed without even taking any break from the gym and just continuing to workaround everything the best i could. I took BPC-157 at 500mcg ED between 2 pins, TB-500 8mg per week, and 6-9iu GH ED. I also bought a powerful massage gun and hit those points i was having alot of trouble with that i noticed the massage and chiropractor were hitting each visit. I continue the GH and BPC daily to maintain.

    I would say you need to go pretty heavy on the TB500. I did some research on it before starting i think if you go too easy on it like most of the recommendations i saw you might not get the results your looking for and waste your money. I saw some bodyweight to mcg calculations and I decided i needed to go higher than what i was reading on most sites recommendations.

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