Anxiety while pinning

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  • How can I control anxiety when I pin? I’m on gear since April and still having shaking hands when pinning

  • I have been pinning constantly for almost a year now and I still get slightly nervous. It’s nothing like when I first started, but I still get sweaty and need to control my breath before/during pinning. I mean… you’re poking a piece of sharp metal into your body, what do you expect? Your body is gonna react whether you like it or not. Mentally, I don’t give a crap, I almost look forward to pinning, but my body still gives me a bit of a reaction almost every time. For you, it might be shaky hands. For me, it’s sweating and breathing heavy.

  • i had/have such a fear of needles so it look a looong time to be comfortable with pinning. I’ve been blasting or cruising since May 2017. Few weird things i’ve done to help…

    1. play porn while pinning and watch it as you’re pushing the needle in lol

    2. I used to always have a sugary drink next to me in case I feel light headed which used to happen a lot.

    wait… that’s about it. I’m at the point where I don’t need any of those but it helped. I’m still using the longer lasting esters so reduce the number of times i have to pin

  • Pin more often. Practice makes perfect!

    Also exhale when you push the needle in, makes things go more smooth imo

  • Anything to relax… Tv, happy thoughts etc… I started out with slin pins because I wanted to become comfortable and start small and build my way up. Eventually everytime I needed more pins I went smaller in gauge until 25 g 1 inch. Just relax and try to pin without yanking, pushing, or anything that will cause discomfort. It’s nothing compared to the 18 gauge shit at the blood drive lol

  • ^ fuck those 16g skewers oh my goddddd just take twice as long i don’t care anything to avoid the fucking flagpole from being stabbed into my arm like how is that even legal???

    5 years in; done months straight of ED shots multiple times, still shake more while doing my shots than i normally do (lol)

    my fear isn’t gone, i’m just no longer afraid of being afraid

    instead of ‘oh my god i’m shaking i’m so scared I can’t do this’ 100 times repeated for 30 minutes over and over and over and over again with a needle change once or twice because i was afraid of ‘airborne bacteria’ getting on it while i sat there shaking trying to stick the needle in, it’s transitioned into ‘oh my god i’m shaking i’m so scared i can’t do this–too bad faggot’, and the needle goes in. i’m doing my injection then and there, and if my body wants to shake and tell me irrational things in the process, so be it.

    hope you’re not like me and you get over it with a bit more time, but if not maybe you’ll find comfort in knowing other people out there have shitty brains that are afraid of stupid shit too

  • [quote=“pano100” pid=‘61147’ dateline=‘1563321919’]
    How can I control anxiety when I pin? I’m on gear since April and still having shaking hands when pinning

    You will get use to it .
    When i started , my friend would always pin for me but my first time pinning was really stressful . what help me is , i put music to relax and take big breath and saying to myself in my head (stop being a lil bitch and do it)

    even having someone else next to you can be less stressful

    Good luck

  • Yeah I get pretty anxious as well. But like what he said above, just tell myself I’m not a lil bitch. It’s all mental and if you put yourself in a determined mindset, it’ll help. I’m sticking to shorter cycles cuz around week 11 I get tired of pinning

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