Misriah, Test E and Tren E

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  • Just got labs back and both seem legit, I had his Test E 250 and Tren 200/300, little to no pip with 200, a little bit with the 300.

    He let me buy with a promo even though my payment was a bit later than the end date, so shout out to him for that.

    Back when I ordered he was having a lot of issues with his brewer/shipper and it took a lot of jumping through hoops to get my entire order in, but he was pretty patient throughout the whole process and made sure I got every part of my order.

  • Thank you so much for the T/A review, and I appreciate your understanding with the brewer/shipping issues!

    As discussed via E-mail: This post stands as reference/record for yourself that you have $10 store credit remaining with us, after redemption of the credit issued from this T/A review+bloods.

    :) Thanks again, and take care!

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