Is walking good cardio in cycle?

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  • Overall I know walking is great for cardio in general, but I have never heard of it being done from anyone while cycling gear. Seems it’s only HIIT or just jogging.

    At my job I’m constantly walking 8-5 and on my days off i make sure to walk around 2 hours (with a purpose) while listening to an audiobook.

    Anyone else walk? Or is jogging just better? And if so why?

  • I believe I have read much data that says walking burns just about the same calories as running, comparing distance is the same. The benefit of running it is you cover the distance in less time, so you burn more calories per minute.
    I’m big into walking and running. Walking is great cardio, very low impact.

  • I walk for 40 minutes 3x a week on an inclined treadmill. I do if it socks b/c I feel like it makes my calves grow

  • I almost exclusively walk for cardio even for my current show prep I only walk on an incline on the treadmill, stairmaster, or walk trails around my city if it’s nice enough. The treadmills at my gym have screens that you can set to scenic walks, I always get super high, set the screen to Yellowstone Natl Park or the Rockies, and walk for at least an hour. By the end, the entire machine is soaked. I don’t consider running to be a safe form of cardio especially during prep when youre super lean and joints are all dried out. My knees would be so fucked if my big ass was running around on them all day. You will never see a bodybuilder running for cardio–if they do, they won’t be bodybuilding very long lol. Maybe the boardshorts guys can get away with it, idk

  • I average about 15k steps a day so I don’t really bother with any dedicated cardio. 10 minutes on the treadmill sometimes if I get to the gym and the bench or power rack is occupied.

    I do miss being really well conditioned, you just feel good, but TLDR think walking is perfectly fine cardio for general health, fat burning etc. Especially if you’re weight training.

  • Walking is a great way to burn calories. If that is what your goal of cardio is, then it fits perfectly.

    There are other benefits of cardio; heart health, cardiovascular endurance, efficiency, etc. that you only get from doing more intense cardio where you are pushing yourself. This is a good use of things like HIIT.

    So if you are walking as much as you say you are, then I wouldn’t worry about doing daily or every other day cardio as a way to burn extra calories. I would still consider doing ~20-30 mins of intense cardio (running/HIIT/swimming/biking/Jump rope/etc.) once a week or so for the other benefits though.

  • you’ve never heard of anyone walking for cardio while on gear?

  • I use walking to get relatively unfit clients just moving. In my case I do cardio 6-7 times a week for the mental benefits (helps manage bipolar symptoms among other things) and find that I tend to get repetitive stress injuries if I don’t change up what form I’m doing. I usually switch between walking/biking/rowing and an eliptical. The eliptical mostly to mock run without having to run, I’ve put a fuck load of stress on my joints through the years in the military but like to pretend to run still.

    My only comment for cardio is if it gets your heart rate up for an extended period of time then do it. For a moderately active person 30 minutes cleaning the house can actually get your heart rate up. Shit mine even gets to 130 on cruise and on tren shits actually like liss lmao. Your body doesn’t have any idea what your doing to get your HR up and keep it up, so pick something that interests you that you’ll actually do and won’t hurt yourself by over doing it.

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