Pretty sure i have Hernia

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  • I have a small bump near my oblique. Also My groin area really hurts while doing bulgairan squats and ab exercises.

    I started my first cycle yesterday with a shot of 250mg of Test e and 25mg of Dbol oral.

    If i have to have surgery im probably going to be out from lifting for 6-8 weeks, would it be best if i stop with the cycle asap until i can lift again? Will one day of a cycle mess anything?

  • You’re good if you stop, one shot isn’t going to screw with you.

  • Yes better to stop now and get in to see a dr ASAP. Then once back to 100% can restart the cycle. No point in running a cycle if you can’t get in a solid workout. Plus run the risk of injuring yourself more.

    I do really recommend seeing a dr immediately to see if it is in fact a hernia. Your intestines can get caught in the hernia and become constricted and die from blood loss. Not something you want to happen.

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