ExpressPEDS TestosMed-E (Capped result)

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    I apologise for format, I only have a phone. Laptop died.

    I’m Currently blasting since September 14th. I’m Injecting 1ml of 250mg/ml TestoMed-E every 72 hours. Blood was taken roughly 52 hours after pin.

    Bloodwork testosterone is capped at 55, my doctor said they are not there to verify steroid usage only to monitor within ranges. She hinted at over 2700 but nothing solid on paper. E2 sky high as I waited for sides before dosing AI. All ancillaries are also from ExpressPCT (Aromasin, HCG and nolva).

    My doctor has no answer as to why my prolactin is so high, she believes it’s due to such high E2 but has asked me to visit an endocrinologist as she said she knows fuck all about it. I will begin VIT b6.

    White blood cells up as I’m being treated for Haelio Batcer Plyori (Spelling?).

    All in all, I’m relatively pleased with how I’m progressing. Strength is incredibly up, muscle size is up, weight increasing by 1.5-2.5kg a month. Sexual function 101%, slight increase in hair loss on head. Massive increase in hair growth on my back. Minor back-acne.

    If I had to rate ExpressPEDS I would say that yes I will be a repeat user, and they get a solid 9/10 from me.

    ExpressPCT has a 1 month shipping to delivery time, which is understandable in the climate. Everything is straightforward, help is always there and expressPCT get a 10/10 from me.

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