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  • I’ve tried to look up some articles on EQ and everything I’ve read is all over the place. New to EQ what’s a good cycle for EQ? I’ve heard 16 weeks for eq. Should I run low test and high EQ?

  • @Jtdaniels123 never touched EQ because of the anxiety amplifying effects, that and DHB are the only two steroids I haven’t tried. So take my advice for what it’s worth. Everything I’ve read says 800-1g 12-16 weeks. Make sure you are doing bloodwork to check hematocrit and donate blood if it gets too high.

  • I like it around 600 for 20 weeks and I match test at 600 as well. It allows me to not need an ai since the eq lowers my estro.

  • EQ anxiety is not real. EQ competes for aromatase and converts to a very weak estrogen, estrone, not estradiol. Low test high eq = low E2 sides, anxiety etc. I recommend if you run 500 test and 600 eq reduce AI. I never used any AI on test eq because when I did by the time EQ peaked (week 6-8) I started noticing those big spoutso f anxiety after taking my AI and so on. Stopped that anxiety gone. I got bloods done running 500 test 600 eq, I took 6.25 mg asin night before blood drawn and got 29.7 e2. I am now running 200 test 360 eq no ai, feeling great. EQ does not need to be run high, its just most blast AI and fuck their gains normally and then throw EQ in to the mix and wonder why the gains arent coming in. EQ will be great for cardio and its crucial to do cardi oanyway because hematocrit will go up.

  • @Jtdaniels123 having run a few eq cycles, and typically involving tren, I can say anecdotally the anxiety issues are over stated. My first tren and eq cycle I experienced some but quickly got over it. You just got to take a deep breath, acknowledge that your on hormones and do your best to normalize. If you do have existing anxiety issues it could very well amplify it. FWIW I’ve always ran lowish test (250mg/week) and high eq. Same with other compounds like tren, npp, etc.

    I also don’t run EQ higher than 800mg/week, which is kinda typical, if that means anything.

  • I absolutely love EQ. I have never noticed any negative side effects. I currently have been running 600mg/wk for about 9 weeks. Zero anxiety and I have anxiety as is but it has not been amplified at all.
    People say it can turn you red. I am Irish and naturally red and it turns my skin hue to a nice gold and gets rid of the redness.
    Cardio is amplified. I am also currently running tren and I think it has evened out the cardio benefits of the EQ so I am just at normal cardio capacity.

    To be honest, the change in my skin tone has me considering running it at a lower dose year round.

    how are the gains and vascularity at that dosage?

  • @needgains I am currently in prep, so I am taking the EQ with a whole slew of other shit right now. So the main goal is not really gains but to retain as much mass as possible. However, my last bulk my BF got a little out of hand so there is a decent amount of recomp going on. Very vascular, shoulders are nice and rounded, and cardio capacity is up.

    It is not an amazing gainer but it definitely has its own aesthetic that I absolutely love. You can put a decent amount of size on and it will be keepable mass.

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